• Car Washing
  • Motorcycle Washing
  • Waxing
  • ECO Clean

Cleaning Services

Our specialization and experience allows us to provide complete vehicle cleaning services that meet the highest demands with our suitably trained staff.

At Auto Parking Patras you get the ideal car wash at very affordable prices.

Using the finest cleaning and polishing materials, we ensure optimum car protection and care.

Car & Moto

Caring your car or motorcysle is our specialty, so we use the finest methods and the finest materials in order to offer you a perfect result. Specialized garage is always at your disposal to give the proper advice, but also to do Practice the ideal cleaning for your vehicle. A visit to our site will be for us and for you the best proof of the high quality services we offer.

  • Prewashing

  • Soothing

  • Rinsing out

  • Drying

  • Cleaning glasses with special cleaning fluid and special cloth

  • Waxing

  • Polishing – Tire Polishing

  • Domestic Cleaning with Vacuum Cleaner – Mattresses

  • Interior emulsion plastics

  • Cleaning – Air conditioning aromatizing

  • Deodorization – Airway defecation.

  • Washing exterior

  • Waxing

  • Eco-Friendly Organic Indoor Car Cleaning (Textile and Leather Seats, Carpet) Plastic and Textile Upholstery with ECO CLEAN TECHNOLOGY